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backack or suitcase

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backack or suitcase

Beitrag von shannon » 15 Feb 2007 06:34

hey guys, so i was just wondering if people are thinking of taking backpacks or suitcases with them?

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Beitrag von Anja » 15 Feb 2007 08:38

Hey, the search gives a lot of topics on that subject allready :)

:arrow: Luggage Dilemma
:arrow: Type of Luggage
:arrow: Suitcase V's Backpack
:arrow: Advice on buying a backpack?
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Beitrag von sarasworld » 15 Feb 2007 10:05

:) :D Hey!! :D :)

I am taking a big bag on wheels its like big duffel bag with wheels! I was going to take a backpack but I was told from many many people that they regretted it or brought a bag as soon as they got over there. I have a pretty small frame and im not the strongest so I know its good for me: an idea, i went to a backpack shop, they put 20 kilos in a packback and made me put it on...i was sooo whoa HELLLLL NO! so I realise what a pain it is im not taking one!

If your not going heaps of hikes etc why get a packback?

Hope this helps! :)
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Beitrag von drewvictor » 15 Feb 2007 11:54

So Sara is that backpack, or packback??? :P

The large hiking backpacks are only good if you can either can carry the weight (of 9 weeks of camping stuff) or if you are going backpacking, and need the bag with you at all times through your travels, ie if you arent laeving it at a hotel/hostel etc.

The bag Sara explained is pretty decent, large softsided suitcase on wheels, great for travelling between the airport and the taxi, or the hostel and the Greyhound bus, etc. It saves you lugging 15-20 kilos on your back, and ending up in an American Chiropractor... Ive been on a fair few hikes throughout the years, and carrying that much weight on your back all day hurts... America should be fun, you dont wanna sore back...


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Beitrag von katie2952 » 15 Feb 2007 12:19

hey guys, i'm pretty small too n was worried so i invested in samsonite backback with secret wheels on n ahandle to pull- so i have all the coolness n extra compartments of a backpack but the ease of suitcase wheels! xx

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Beitrag von drewvictor » 15 Feb 2007 13:25

Actually that was a good point Katie made, there is no point getting a suitcase or whatever if it doesnt have lots of side pockets and compartments. You are looking for something that can store a lot of the bulk items, like clothes, but have extra room to split things up, like extra papers, extra money, or things you need to access easily. Its a pain trying to search for your raincoat at the bottom of your pack during a sudden downpour...

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Beitrag von Courts » 16 Feb 2007 02:20

Hey guys, some good tips here.

I was told by a mate not to take a suitcase as lugging this around and on/off buses etc she said was quite difficult. I have a massive 60-70 litre pack, similar to a hiking pack. It got awesome comfortable cushioning and straps and buckles and stuff. Someone made a point about carrying a heavy backpack around, but these ones are designed for comfort and to be supportive of your back. If you wear it the way its designed there is little discomfort. It's designed to sit in all the right palces, taking pressure of the spots in your back that could get hurt. So it doesnt have wheels but that's what I'm going with!

Sorry to sound like I work in a bag shop, ha ha!
Cheers, Courts :D

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Beitrag von Vanessa2 » 16 Feb 2007 03:21

I had the same dilemma but went to a camping shop and tried on a backpack versus a bag on wheels. I ended up getting the bag on wheels. It's made by black wolf and has so many compartments and the inside opens to two seperate sections with room for wet & dry stuff with all zips. I can carry it like a bag or drag it by the wheels. I think you have to be comfortable in the fact that you basically are going to be living out of this thing for however long and it has to be able to service all your needs. I'm taking mine away for a 'dry' run before i go to see how i go with it.

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Beitrag von drewvictor » 16 Feb 2007 03:35


The 70 litre packs are great, and you are right, they do fit the curvatures of your back, and the straps put more weight onto your hips, and not on your back. Thing is, you are going to cram a whole summer's worth of gear into it, which could end up being 20 kilos. Depending your physical size, like Sara, this could be a real problem. Perhaps load up your pack, and as Vanessa put, take it on a dry run, and see if you can cope with that... If you can, super, taking a backpack saves you wheeling something around, and leaves your hands free. If you're like me, and am really tall, bending down to wheel a bag hurts your back :P Just be mindful of the weight you would be carring.

Hope that helps,

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Beitrag von mattyb » 16 Feb 2007 13:07

my vote goes to backpacks all the way!

yeah they can be kinda heavy, and yes you'll be carrying lots of gear, but you wont be carrying your pack 24/7!!
You dont carry your entire luggage around with youwhen you go out sight-seeing!!

But that said there is no right or wrong when it comes to luggage!
If you think you'll be better off with a suitcase on wheels...get one of those!

They all do the same Job at the end of the day!!

Just remember if ya spending $$$ on bags or suitcases or whatever...think about whether you will get use out of itlater in life...because i can guarentee you will travel again....and why spend more money on new luggage each time you travel?

my 0.2c...gst included


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Beitrag von Mandy - Melb office » 10 Sep 2007 06:13

up top the top

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Beitrag von drewvictor » 10 Sep 2007 09:58

Ok, more advice from me.

Backpack versus suitcase, the age old debate. I travelled around America after camp with 3 other guys in a van, so my preference by far was a suitacase. Its big, square, it fits everything I need into it, it fits into the car real easy, and the only time I used it was when we crashed the night in a hostel or motel, so was easy to get things in and out in the room. 2 of my mates im travellng with had backpacks, but ended up buying a big suitcase on wheels from Wal-Mart, to fit everything in, and its so much easier.

The only time I would ever go with a backpack is if you are actually indeed backpacking, not driving around. Backpacking involves a lot of walking around cities etc, and u need to be able to easily transport things. Wheeling a suitcase long distances is a nuisance, but carrying a massive bag on ur back does get to be a big pain.

Not travelling so much after camp? Unless you are unpacking a backpack into a trunk at camp, a suitcase is a lot easier, just as you have quick and easy access in your cabin, whether its photos from home to show kids, or something aerodynamic and weighted to throw at a counsellor who snores loudly.

Suitcase wooo!
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Re: backack or suitcase

Beitrag von drewvictor » 01 Mär 2008 09:03


Just bringing this thread to the top of the list.

Check it out!
"It's the kid inside of us that keeps us all from going crazy..."
-J.D., Scrubs

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