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lifeguardtest für campamerika 2008

Für Camp America Teilnehmer und diejenigen, die es noch werden wollen!
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lifeguardtest für campamerika 2008

Beitrag von Julia19 » 08 Aug 2007 20:23

hello i´m interested in camp amerika for summer 2008 and would like to take part in the lifeguard test and i´m wondering when the test will be this year and what is expected...
i can´t find any information on the website

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Beitrag von svenja5989 » 11 Aug 2007 15:58

I´m not sure but i think you have to apply like everyone who wanna work in a camp.. as a lifeguard or what ever...don`t know but i think you just have to wait like me :) ( i wanna work there as a normal counsellor....) in the begin of september you can get information..

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