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2008 ppl - Applications!!

Für Camp America Teilnehmer und diejenigen, die es noch werden wollen!
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Beitrag von Hix_86 » 11 Okt 2007 12:08

Hey nicky83 .. I'm from Croydon .. lil closer than Greensborough. A bit new to all of this .. in fact this is my first post. Only came up with the idea of applying for camp america in the last month ... But now i can't stop thinking about it and what i need to do to get the ball rolling .. and if do get accepted .. how much $$ will i need, where to go afterwoods ..etc etc etc ... very exciting .. I think there's an information meeting being held at Ringwood Lib on the 22nd ..

Might see you round the traps ..

Cheers !!

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Beitrag von fetus » 12 Okt 2007 04:34

hey guys im even closer im from wantirna south..

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Registriert: 11 Okt 2007 11:53
Wohnort: Melbourne

Small World

Beitrag von Hix_86 » 12 Okt 2007 07:03

Nice .. i work in Wantirna South ...

How far into the Camp America process are you? Its strange ... i thought i was getting in early thinking about it all now but some people have already got placements ... crazzzay


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Beitrag von Dani-Kate » 12 Okt 2007 08:23

People have placements already? wat? i'm spaceing out now- my app's in just waiting on feedback. hmmmm cant believe people already have placements and its only october!

i think this is funny- i'm from Croydon as well, just the Sydney one not Melbourne!

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Beitrag von drewvictor » 12 Okt 2007 10:16

Guys dont freak out; for the 2007 season I didnt apply til February. There is still an enormous amount of time...

As they say in America, Chillax!
"It's the kid inside of us that keeps us all from going crazy..."
-J.D., Scrubs


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