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how to find an internship

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how to find an internship

Beitrag von JuliaDD » 26 Sep 2007 00:38

Hey you guys,
I would love to go to the USA (specially Los Angeles) for my internship - the problem is it would be from December till March - so I can't get into that program, because that would be in the summer...
But there must be a way!
I study tourism and hotelmanagment - so it has to be in this kind of field.
I already wrote a lot of applications to different hotels in California (there are a lot) - it didn't matter if I wrote an email or a letter - no answer! Even if I called - there was nobody to give me an answer if I could do my internship there or not...
It really sucks.
Do you have any ideas??

I would be happy about any ideas and some help!


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Beitrag von drewvictor » 26 Sep 2007 08:38


How about coming to Australia for that time? The weather is nicer..
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Beitrag von nils~ » 17 Okt 2007 16:41

Send a message to "Auswärtiges Amt" or similiar German authorities. Also try "Deutscher Hotel und Gaststättenverband", maybe they can put you through to the right address. What else, maybe the internet, as I know, there are a lot of institutions who offer those internships or practical work experience. Though they usually charge you if you want them to find a serious internship. Doesnt your college or university offer placements abroad?

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