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Money Needed

Für Camp America Teilnehmer und diejenigen, die es noch werden wollen!
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Money Needed

Beitrag von fetus » 28 Sep 2007 10:33

Hey all ive been looking around on here and i cant find an exact figure on what people think is a good amount for taking away. I have no idea on how much it will cost or how much to take. I was thinking after camp to travel butim not sure when where or how yet. i thinking about going with the flow after the camp using the money i make for traveling.. at the moment i have $5000 and was wondering how much more i would need to complete the camp.. This includes everything flights passports visa travel... would love to hear everyones ideas.. :D

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Beitrag von drewvictor » 28 Sep 2007 17:21


Firstly check the 'Running Total of Camp Costs!' post. That is a good place to start.

I suppose it all depends. I got flights for $2000, but u can get much cheaper ones than that. Bear in mind you will get like $1400 from camp, so there is more money. And if you wanna travel afterwards? Add a few grand to that.

I reckon $5000 is a good number. Good thing is, u have like 8 months to add to that.

Dont stress!
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Beitrag von Dan ghouly » 28 Sep 2007 20:11

yeh i took 5000, then got 1100 from camp, i am still in america i have like just over a 1000 bucks left, what ever you take make sure you keep an eye on what you spending because when you have that much money you sorta get a mentality that you can spend alot, but it goes very quickly if you are traveling and staying at motels and stuff.
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Beitrag von nicky83 » 02 Okt 2007 13:09

Hey if you have $5000, then pay for flights fees etc, and just keep on saving, you should be fine with that much! well actually I know you will be fine as long as your not planning on satying in expensive hotels etc. But thats alot of money and you still have plenty of time to save. i recomend putting some money aside for when you get back like $1500 which might cover bills etc when you get home.
But you will have plenty of money!


Cant wait till i go back to Camp!!
the best time of my life!

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Beitrag von Tessa » 02 Okt 2007 16:30

I took a few hundred haha
I got loads of tips and lived off them,
And then after camp travels were paid through my wages. :)
Been and done camp,
I recommend summer camp to everyone!

AMAZING TIME AT IGC..loved every second

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Beitrag von nicky83 » 03 Okt 2007 10:03

tips from campers/families?
Wow, Ive heard soem camps the families give you tips! however dont rely on tips! My camp we didnt get anything excpet thanks from teh parents...well i did get $10 this time from a Mum, which i was greatful for as I didnt expect anything.
But i guess it depends on which camp you go to, like rich kids camps where they are privately owned and kids come for the whole summer (iv heard of kids rocking up in helicopter and limos and stuff!)

Cant wait till i go back to Camp!!
the best time of my life!

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Beitrag von fishiz3434 » 12 Okt 2007 02:10

i only took like 600 USD cash and that lasted me 4 days in NYC and all though camp then i had 1400 USD i got from camp which i spent after camp + 1500 AUD which all in total lasted me 3 months (15th june - 15th sept)

Approx $3500 and i wasn't exactly strict with my money. i bought stupid things like a giant blue ball and stayed in hotels the whole time with friends which was a bit cheaper than hostels i think about it i dont no how i managed but i did :) 5000 shud be loads,
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